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Arrests versus Convictions – Background Checks

Arrests versus Convictions - Background Checks Springfield MO- iVerified
Let’s talk about the difference between a criminal arrest and conviction and why it matters to you.
First, a criminal arrest is just that- it means a person was arrested for some reason.
A conviction is totally different. A conviction means the person has gone through the court process and is assumed guilty of a crime.
So, the reason it is important for you is because you may Google or a public search or one of those online companies promises to find anything about anyone for you without the applicant knowing you are doing the search to look up applicant Johnny’s record. Low and behold, you find Johnny was arrested on drug charges. Well, you can’t hire Johnny now! You won’t hire someone with a drug arrest-this person will around your kids for goodness sake!
Well, here is the kicker. Let’s say Johnny wasn’t actually convicted of the crime. What if he was found not guilty for a very valid reason. You just not only lost out on a potentially great employee, you also may have set yourself up for a lawsuit!
This is why it is so important to go through the proper channels for background checks. Do not just do a public search on someone. Do not use an online company that doesn’t require your applicant to know you are doing a background check on him or her. Do your due diligence as the employer to protect your applicants, your customers and yourself.