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Difference in Types of Background Checks – Types of Background Checks

Difference in Types of Background Checks - Types of Background Checks Springfield MO
My topic today is the difference in background checks-both in types and in providers.
So, first let’s  talk about the difference between types of background checks. There are many types of background checks-from criminal, to motor vehicle, credit, eviction, civil records, I9s, etc.
You can access background checks in many ways-online, snail mail or through a private investigator.  The difference in all these providers is significant. For example, have you ever looked up someone online through Google and noticed an add off to the side that says “click here to find out anything you want to know about this person?” Beware of those types of online providers. They do not have the federal accreditation to provide information to you as an employer. It’s fine to use these companies if you are looking up a friend or acquaintance, but DO NOT use them in employment situations. The reason is you need the applicant or employee’s approval via a disclosure form to run a background check. And, on top of that, the federal government is very picky about the wording of the disclosure form and how it’s provided.
Example: the disclosure form cannot be on the application document.
So, make sure you use a background check company that keeps tabs on the changing laws. In fact, the federal govt just changed the wording of the disclosure form in 2014.  If you’ve been using a background check company for a few years and have not seen a change in your disclosure form, you should  be asking questions or find another background screening company.