Things that drive me nuts

I received a flyer from a local company today asking for my advertising dollars. I will not name the company, but I happen to know this local company does business with mostly national companies-business they could easily do with local companies.  I was tempted to mail back their form with a “I’ll advertise with you when I see you support your local or small businesses” or “why don’t you ask some large national companies to advertise with you?” However, I contained myself. It was difficult, but I persevered. Instead, I emailed the contact on the flyer and asked if she happened to know what local companies they do business with. I’m waiting to hear back from her on that. I am not looking to prove a point…well, maybe I am. Just a little. I know as business owners, we can’t always do B2B with small or local companies, but encourage you to do it whenever possible. Our country was built on the small business.  Let’s keep it that way.