Criminal Background Check for Uber Driver

What the UBER, driver???

The Today Show ran a great story about an Uber driver who went on a shooting spree in between picking up customers. The question in the video was how effective are Uber’s background checks?  The answer may scare you.
See the video here:
The head of Uber security attempted to assuage us by saying they do background checks. However, are they thorough? The answer is a resounding NO. They run a federal and county criminal check. They do not include national criminal, which covers PRIORS databases. The PRIORS databases house the majority of all records, including felonies, which is why Uber accidently hired someone who served time for murder. OOPS!
I did enjoy the nice plug at the end of the video with our slogan “Trust, but verify”. Too bad they didn’t mention our business name! Maybe next time…