Categories of Employer Background Checks

i-Verified Categories of Employer Background Checks Springfield MO
Most of our clients choose a customized search package tailored for their specific business. These packages are built by choosing employer background checks from the following search categories:
Standard Background Searches

  • Social security address trace report
  • Civil Search

Motor Vehicle Background Searches

  • CDLIS (Commercial driver’s license)
  • MVR

Criminal Background Searches

  • Criminal search, single county
  • Unlimited county criminal search
  • Federal criminal search
  • Global report
  • InstaCriminal nationwide search
  • InstaCriminal nationwide with alias
  • InstaCriminal single state

 Tenant Background Searches

  • Tenant credit score with FICO
  • Tenant credit report without FICO
  • Residence verification
  • InstaEviction national
  • InstaEviction single state

Medical Background Searches

  • MedClear org
  • MedClear pro

Employer Background Searches

  • Education verification
  • Employment credit report
  • Employment verification
  • Professional license verification-public
  • Reference verification
  • Form I-9 eligibility and E-verify regulation verifications